This is a collection of articles and letters I've written over the years. Some are letters to the editor, others are letters to on-line people in response to public stuff they posted. Unfortunately, there aren't too many of my writings here because I don't feel like converting them all to html. However, as my web prowess grows so shall my postings! More are sure to come so stay tuned!

Pornography Reply

This letter was in response to a lady who wrote something about pornography in her church newspaper which I feel was a little bit off base.

PC Jim Crow

If you're ever in Montgomery County, stay away from Prof. Allan Lichtman of American University. Not only does he support state-sanctioned racism, but he also doesn't do very good research as my article points out.

Castro and Cuba don't mix

Judy Mann of The Washington Post wrote an article on July 12, 2000 about how good Cuba is. I see a problem there.

crime in England vs. The United States

Regardless of on what side of the gun control issue you may be, you will definitely want to read this.

The Second Amendment

This article takes a close look at how people view the right to keep and bear arms.

     The Second Amendment Redux

     This is an update on one of the most recent cases regarding firearms ownership