Apple Corporation

I tour Apple's web site once in a while just to see what they're ranting and raving about.


Got a problem with your Mac? Go here. But before you do, let me offer you some simple, single-step solutions to heal your ailing life.

Step 1. Buy a Macintosh. The name Macintosh is itself the very definition of simplicity and ease of use.
Step 2. If you're dissatisfied with your Mac, then go to Macfixit. They usually have the cure-all for what ails your Mac.
Step 3. If you aren't satisifed with your PC, see step one. Trust me, after you buy a Mac your life will be better.

Apple Insider

This site has all the latest "news-rumors" about Apple and its products.


This site has all the latest news about Macintosh. It's sometimes updated twice or thrice daily!


This magazine is a must read for anybody who really and truly is a Mac addict! There is no need for a twelve step program here!